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Mission Consortium of Churches International is a Market Place Ministry

MCCI is a Non-Profit Market Place Ministry, sanction by the State of Tennessee to operate within the United States of America, organize exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes. Our aim is to:

  •  To teach the doctrines of the Christian Church.
  •  To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of humanity.
  •  To provide Bible-base Christian Education for both adults and children.
  •  To provide mentoring/training programs for “High-Risk” children and youth.
  •  To enhance the world through missions and “Outreach Ministries.”
  •  To develop and implement faith-based initiatives.
  •  To use electronic media and publishing as a means of communicating the Gospel.
  •  To form ecumenical partnerships with ministries, churches, non-profits and other corporate entities.
  •  To provide “Health-Care” Healing and Wellness to all members and friends of MCCI.
  •  To enhance MCCI’S Ministry and penetrate every Market Place throughout the world.
  •  To be a “Voice” of consciousness in the community, the City, the State, nationally and internationally.
  •  To provide housing and shelter to those that is without, giving them a better quality of life.
  •  To create an environment that our children can play and grow without the fear being a target
  •  To provide scholarships and financial aid to students that needs assistants to complete their education.
  •  To provide MCCI’S Leaders with a good Retirement Benefit Package, so that they may be able to take care of themselves and their families with respect and dignity.