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Executive Board

Presiding Bishop Dr. Mark Hilton Sandilands B.A., M.P.C., D. Min.,
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Spiritual Advisers to the Presiding Bishop
Rev. Dr. R. E. Cooper Jr. B.A., B.P.S., D. Min., D. Div., D.Th.
Nassau Bahamas

Founder/President of Atlantic College and Western Minister High School
Apostle James Thomas
Chattanooga. Tennessee.
Apostle of Real Life Ministries

President of MCCI’S Women Ministry
Pastor Dr. Pancheta Wilson B.S., M.S, MD.,
Coral Springs, Florida

Chief Administrator/Ministry of Protocol
Senior Bishop Christopher Tillman Sr. B.S., M. Min.,
Rochester New York

Ministry of Finance
Minister of Finance : Marcia R. Sandilands A.A., B.S.C., M.B.A.,
Nassau Bahamas

Financial Adviser: Richard Adams M.B.A
Atlanta, Georgia
Founder/President of Next Genesis LLC.

Executive Treasurer
Bishop Anthony E. Ray Virginia
Senior Bishop Robert L. Sharp Sr. Chattanooga. Tennessee

Dean of Education
Senior Bishop Neville Campbell Sr. B.S., M. Ed., M. Div.,
Free Port Grand Bahama

Dean of Pastoral Ministry
Senior Bishop Dr. Ivory Jones III. D. Min.,
Cleveland Ohio

Ministry of Development and Environmental Studies
Senior Bishop Dr. Handel Williams B.S., D.D, Msc. D., N.A.D., O.D. M.H., Ph.D
New Jersey

Dr. Dckersley Muhammad Sylla B.S., M. En., S., Ph. D.,
Republic Ghana West Africa.

Ministry of Mission and Outreach
Senior Bishop Larry L. Jefferson Sr.
Dallas Texas

Ministry of Evangelism and Wellness
Pastor Dr. Pancheta Wilson B.S., M.S., M.D.
Coral Springs, Florida

Assistant: Dr. Pam Green A.A.S., B.S., M.S., Ph. D.

Ministry of Christian Education

Ministry of Communication and Media
Minister of Communication: Bishop Anthony E. Ray B.S M.S.
Southampton County, Virginia.
Founder President/CEO of The H.B.C.U. Nation Radio Show
Promoting Excellence Innovation and Sustainability