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Health Care Reform

On October24th 2013 during our Holy Convocation at Grace Missionary Baptist Church 3742 East 131ST Street in Cleveland Ohio 44120, where Bishop Dr. Ivory Jones III., was the Hosted Pastor and while discussing and signing-up MCCI’S Leader’s for their Retirement Benefits Packages a question was asked of the Presiding Bishop Dr. Mark Hilton Sandilands by our financial adviser Mr. Richard Adams what the Mission Consortium of Churches International is doing about the ACA/Health Care Reform Program Initiative?. Our response was we do not know enough about it. So we assigned a member of MCCI to look into matter and that’s how the MCCI’S Marketplace was born. MCCI knows that Health Care is one of our basic human needs and all of us that are a part of the human family need to have access to affordable health care. We learned that “the individual market for insurance is both changing and growing. New options for coverage even if you have Pre-Existing conditions are available, and millions of Americans will qualify for premium subsidies to help make their insurance more affordable”.   “The Affordable Care Act has changed the health insurance marketplace forever yet most Americans are still confused”. MCCI’S Marketplace has “pulled together some of the most important resources to help you make the right decisions, whether you are an employer or a consumer looking for answers”. MCCI’S Marketplace is dedicated to helping our members and all Americans find affordable health care insurance. By offering great health care plans that are designed to ensure you get the coverage you need at the most affordable prices possible for you and your families. For more information please go to our links at:

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