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Health Care Ministry

Pastor Pancheta Wilson

Pastor Dr. Pancheta Wilson,
B.S., M.S., M.D.
President of MCCI’s Women’s Ministry

The Healing and Wellness Ministry has three well integrated facets. First is the demonstration of God’s love and mercy through supernatural miracle healing by the Holy Spirit. In this time of harvest many unbelievers are brought into the kingdom when the Gospel is preached with power accompanied with miracles, signs and wonders.

Second is spending time teaching the Word of God and equipping the saints. This involves activating the gifts that God has deposited in individuals so that they may walk in their calling and take their place within the Five-fold ministry to help rebuild the apostolic Church. Such gifts include active intercessory watchmen prayer teams, raising up spiritual warriors, prophets, teachers, evangelists and inner healing and deliverance ministers.

Third is teaching God’s people about spiritual root causes of sickness and diseases and how to use natural resources to keep their healing and reverse disease processes. This is accomplished through seminars, workshops dealing with food choices and preparation and retreats.